Step 2: Invited Proposal

If invited, the Merck Family Fund considers full proposals by invitation only after a LOI has been approved.

Full proposals must be submitted using the online application system.

The online application will request the following:

  1. A one page PDF summary of the project.
  2. A concise statement of the need(s) or problem(s) to be addressed.
  3. A description of the project’s or organization’s goals and definition of success.
  4. A description of the project’s or organization’s strategies to achieve those goals.
  5. The measurement tools and benchmarks to track progress for the duration of the grant and beyond.
  6. A project timeline including what happens when.
  7. A brief history of your organization.
  8. Project and organizational line item budget(s) including annual revenue and expenses.
  9. A list of other grant support for your project.
  10. Most recent annual audit or financial statements.
  11. Current annual report.
  12. List of Board of Directors and Officers.
  13. Resume(s) of key personnel involved in the project.

If a grant is awarded, a final report must be submitted through the online system detailing actual activities, benchmarks and expenditures during the grant period. Final reports must be submitted online prior to applying for a new grant.