Wage Equity Matters.png

Wage Equity Matters - A Deeper Analysis of Compensation and Benefits Data from Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce

2018 report by Nora Berson and Lyn Freundlich looks closer at the TSNE MissionWorks data relating to wage equity and racial and gender demographics in the nonprofit sector.

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Coalition working to increase DEI within Philanthropy.

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Initiative to diversify the environmental movement. NGO Score Card : 2017 Green 2.0 report on diversity of top 40 environmental NGOs.

Nonprofit Diversity Efforts.jpg

nonprofit diversity efforts - current practices and the role of foundations

2018 report by The Center for Effective Philanthropy sharing results from surveying nonprofit organizations efforts towards diversity and foundation funders support of those efforts

Words to Action.png

From Words to Action - A Practical Philanthropic Guide to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

2018 report by Barbara Chow about incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into grant making, which was recently published by Grantcraft. The guide includes sections on supporting existing grantees, new grantee identification and selection, and integrating diversity, equity and inclusion in philanthropy. 

Diversity in Environmental Orgs.png

diversity in environmental organizations

2018 report by Dr. Dorceta E. Taylor about what changes have occurred in environmental organizations regarding DEI since the 2014 report. 

Beyond Diversity.png

Beyond diversity

2017 report by Dr. Maya A. Beasley sharing best practices for diversity and inclusion in the environmental sector.

Race to Lead.png

Race to Lead: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap

2017 report by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld & Frances Kunreuther about the underlying barriers for people of color to the nonprofit field.

Green Leadership Trust.png

For our future

2016 report by Green Leadership Trust on how boards can support DEI in environmental organizations.

State of Diversity.png

State of diversity in environmental organizations

2014 report by Dr. Dorceta E. Taylor about the recruitment & diversity initiatives, reflections by professionals, and contextual history.